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Here are the top six reasons people love to Flex

Zero Risk

Nobody is charged if you fall short of your goal.

Save Time

Start collecting in seconds. Contribute in two clicks. We deposit funds overnight.

Raise More

On average, organizations raise 190% of their goal using Flex.

Low (or No) Fees

Link a bank account and contribute to any Flex for free. Sell on the platform for a small fee, lowest in the industry.

See Who’s In

A guest list of everyone who’s committed lets you easily keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t, and even check people in.

Safe & Secure

Flex has industry grade security, ensuring that your information is protected.

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Who Uses Flex?


  • Eliminate excuses, missed deadlines, and messy spreadsheets.
  • Flex anytime from $600 party buses to $60,000 private jets.
  • The urgency to “flex? inspires friends to pay quickly and encourage others to get involved.
  • Collect money faster and do amazing things.

Causes & Nonprofits

  • Expand your reach: our built-in sharing tools will make it easy for contributors to help you spread the word.
  • Keep track of your donations with our free iOS and Android App.
  • Accept donations on any device.

Projects & Brands

  • Go viral: this flex raised over …
  • Fund anything, extend deadlines, and make updates whenever you want.
  • Sell items with no risk and build an online following.
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